Services : Residential & Commercial

We offer many levels of service and can assist you any time computer trouble arises.

Our experienced technicians can solve many common problems such as:

  • Replacing failing hard drives, disc drives, or memory in desktops or laptops
  • Replacing broken laptop screens, charging jacks, keyboards, etc
  • Upgrading hard drive storage space or system memory for desktops and laptops
  • Upgrading operating system versions and service packs
  • Custom performance desktop builds
  • Removing viruses, malware, or unwanted junk software
  • Complete system restoration to like-factory software state
  • Data recovery, machine-to-machine transfer, or backup
  • Software installation and configuration

Most of these problems are best solved with a visit to our shop,
but we also have the expertise to provide on-site support for services like:

  • Network installation, expansion, or troubleshooting
  • Computer workstation or peripherals installation and setup

Our business has been committed to helping you find solutions for over 25 years. This list is not inclusive of all services we can provide, so give us a call if you have needs not specifically mentioned here.

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How much will this cost me?

Less Than The Others Charge!

Life-Insurance-CostFor in-shop work, our service starts at a minimum $49 charge for technician labor. This minimum labor charge will be sufficient to properly diagnose the problems with your system and if the work can be finished within the first hour of service the job will be completed. If service for your system will require additional labor time, you will be contacted to discuss and grant approval of additional charges. You will not be billed the hourly rate for every hour we have the machine. Some tests, scans, or repairs need hours for software to run and this cannot be helped, therefore that is time for which you are not billed. Labor charges billed to you will only encompass time spent by a technician actively working with your machine one-on-one.

Our labor rate for on-site service is $75 / hour, with a one hour minimum.

Labor rate for networking services on-site is $79 / hour with a 1.25 hour minimum.

Additional factors may affect pricing of services, but you will be informed up-front or contacted during service before any additional charges are applied.

How long will I be without my machine if I bring it in for service?

stop-watchIn cases where the service requested is data transfer / backup, virus removal, or system reloads your computer may be in the shop for only a couple days.

This time period can be extended by factors such as discovering failing hardware or excessive software corruption due to virus behavior, etc. Additionally the testing and diagnosing of multiple issues, or other problems unforeseen at check-in may add additional time to the completion of service.

We perform a thorough diagnosis of every machine in order to guarantee the most optimal system performance upon return. This means that although you may have come in for one evident problem, we will eliminate all problems found, and this process sometimes takes additional time to complete each step of the resolution. This could mean your machine needs to stay in service for a few additional days, but you will be contacted and informed of why the machine needs additional attention.

Repairs or service requiring us to order parts will have a shipping delay of 3 – 5 business days, and unfortunately we are at the mercy of the distributors and shipping carriers. We order all our parts promptly upon your approval so we can complete the service as soon as possible.

We will call you for pick-up,
immediately upon completion of service.