Why Choose Us?

There are many benefits associated with choosing Micro Star for your technology service needs.

We’ll only take a moment to brag by mentioning just a few of those benefits here now:


  • We are a locally owned company with over 25 years of service in Memphis and it’s neighboring communities.
  • We have a real business address. You can come visit us in our shop. We don’t do business out of a garage or from the back of a vehicle.
  • We provide local service either in-shop or on-site, avoiding costs associated with shipping equipment off for repair and eliminating frustrating telephone support calls.
  • We offer competitive pricing on all our parts and our labor rates. We continually shop the competition to ensure you are getting the best value for money by doing business with us.
  • We supply quality parts from trusted suppliers. We ensure the parts used to complete your service are the proper specification to be compatible with original manufacturer hardware.
  • We have experienced service staff. All of our technicians have multiple years of experience in hands-on technology service. They are properly trained, have the right tools, and are eager to help.
  • We know how important your computer is to you, whether it’s used for business or fun, and we are committed to getting you back up and running as fast as possible. Our procedures are designed to give your machine the most thorough service, with the least down time possible.
  • We believe in good communication and will promptly get in contact with you any time we have information regarding your service. We are available to help answer questions and provide information relating to our services. When you call, we will answer the phone!
  • We set realistic and honest expectations. Our staff will not make promises we cannot keep. All information relating to a service will be provided to you in a straight-forward manner, and when we are unsure of something, such as service time completion in a complex repair case, we will give you our best estimate and continually update you as progress is made.
  • We have a good solid reputation.

Let us earn your business!


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